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The Wasatch Sleep Health Center is a private clinic directed by a sleep medicine specialist.  Unlike many laboratories in the Salt Lake valley, the Wasatch Sleep Health Center adheres to the practice of meeting and evaluating each patient in the clinic before and after overnight testing.  University centers have found "face-to-face" review of the study data with the Sleep physician improves therapy compliance.  This also allows for evaluation and treatment of often co-morbid (two or more) sleep disorders.  Few physicians in Salt Lake City  have specialized training in sleep disorders.  In fact, most receive no more than one hour of sleep medicine training in medical school.


Interpreting sleep studies requires extensive knowledge of brain waves and sleep staging.  Our current understanding of the pathology of many sleep disorders suggests itís the brains response to breathing resistance that causes the problem.  The staging of sleep is also done by interpreting the brain waves.  It makes sense to have a neurologist (a brain doctor) interpret and explain the results of your test.  Therefore, a trained doctor should review the brain waves; unfortuantely, technicians "alone" fill that role in other labs.

What separates the Wasatch Sleep Health Center from other facilities is our ability to sit down with the patient and describe in detail the findings of their sleep study.  Knowing the medical history of the patient before he or she arrives for the sleep study allows for a more detailed and exact interpretation of the data.  We will coach you through the whole process and continue to follow with you for years to come.  Like many chronic medical conditions it is important to follow with a doctor who is familiar with your history and is willing to visit with you as often as needed. The center offers private hotel-like rooms with the comfort of individual temperature control and sound proofed walls.  The center uses state-of-the-art equipment, the same equipment used at most major university based medical centers.  There is no need to sleep in a hospital room, come sleep in a comfortable, secure home-like environment.  Dr. Peterson will walk you through the center and what the study involves during your clinic visit, well before the overnight study, to make sure you are well informed and comfortable with everything.

Dr. David S. Peterson is the medical director of the Wasatch Sleep Health Center.  Dr. Peterson is originally from San Diego.  He earned his Doctor of Medicine at the University of Utah school of medicine.  After completing a residency in neurology he completed a fellowship in sleep medicine under the direction of both the pulmonary and neurology departments at the University of Utah Sleep Center. He has treated many patients with varying sleep disorders including:



Obstructive Sleep Apnea

            Central Sleep Apnea

            Circadian Rhythm Disorders


            Shift Work

            Restless Leg Syndrome

            Periodic Limb Movement Disorder

            Sleep walking, talking and wandering

            REM Sleep Behavior Disorder

            And many others.


                If there is a concern that you or your loved one has a sleep disorder, follow the contact-us link and submit your name and phone number.  Our receptionist, Mindy, will give you a call to schedule a clinic visit.


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